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By drawing on a large body of exciting and path-breaking new literature, it surveys major topics such as measurement of long-run living standards, the factor and resource endowments hypotheses, the comparative development in monetary and financial regimes in China and Western Europe. The course also offers focused lectures and discussion on economic history in early modern and modern China in a comparative and global perspective. The course emphasizes the use of economic theories and quantitative methods as well as qualitative narratives. Assignment and Grade: The course is evaluated by a written essay not exceeding 2000 words (excluding bibliography) to be submitted after the lecture. Please submit your essay in word format no later than April 10th 2023 in Elearning system Assignment Page. The teaching assistant Jiacheng (David) Zhang will explain to you the specifics of submission process. The essay should address a central question covered by any of the topics during the lecture. It should cover the course readings related to the topics you have chosen and could, where appropriate and relevant, include your own independent insights or relevant research. Your essay should have full citations (you may use any citation format) and references. You can choose to write your essay in Chinese or English. I will provide you with a grade.0Lecture Topics: When did China fall behind and Great Divergence begin: measuring long-run living standards.Why Industrial Revolution happened in England first: resource, endowments and technical change.Why IR not in China: Culture or InstitutionsWhy IR not in China: Money, Finance and State Capacity.Economic Changes in China in the Long-run and Modern EraReadings:Lecture topic 1: Robert Allen, Jean-Pascal Bassino, Debin Ma, Christine Moll-Murata and Jan Luiten van Zanden). Wages, Prices, and Living Standards in China, Japan, and Europe, 1738-1925 Economic History Review Vol. 64, No. S1 2011, pp.8-38.J. Baten, D.Ma, S.Morgan, Q. Wang Evolution of Living Standards and Human Capital in China in 18-20th Century in Explorations in Economic History, Volume 47, Issue 3, pp. 347-359 (July 2010). Li, Bozhong and Jan Luiten van Zanden. 2012. Before the Great Divergence? Comparing the Yangzi Delta and the Netherlands at the Beginning of the Nineteenth Century. Journal of Economic History, 72: 956-989. Zhiwu Chen, Kaixiang Pengb, Lijun Zhun Social-economic change and its impact on violence: Homicide history of Qing China Explorations in Economic History, Feb. online version. Background reading: R. Allen, The Great Divergence in European Wages and Prices from the Middle Ages to the First World War , Explorations in Economic History, vol. 38 (Oct. 2001), 411-47.zmucur, Sleyman, and ^evket Pamuk (2002),  Real Wages and Standards of Living in the Ottoman Empire, 1489-1914. Journal of Economic History 62, 293-321.Lecture Topic 2: R. Allen,  HYPERLINK "http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1468-0289.2010.00532.x/abstract" Why the industrial revolution was British: commerce, induced invention, and the scientific revolution Economic History Review. 64, 2 (2011), pp. 357384Broadberry, S. and Gupta, B. Lancashire, India and Shifting Competitive Advantage in Cotton Textiles, 1700-1850: The Neglected Role of Factor Prices, Economic History Review, 62 (2009), 279-305. Y. Hayami and V. Ruttan "Factor Prices and Technical Changes in Agricultural Development: the United States and Japan, 1880-1960," Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 78, No. 5, Sept/Oct 1970: 1115-141.Rhode, Paul and Alan Olmstead, 2002 The Red Queen and the Hard Reds: Productivity Growth in American Wheat, 1800-1940, Journal of Economic History 62:4 (Dec.) pp. 929-966. 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Debin Ma  HYPERLINK "http://personal.lse.ac.uk/mad1/ma_pdf_files/Australian%20economic%20his.%20review.pdf"  HYPERLINK "http://personal.lse.ac.uk/mad1/ma_pdf_files/Australian%20economic%20his.%20review.pdf" Growth, Institutions and Knowledge: A Review and Reflection on the Historiography of18th-20th Century China Vol. 44, Issue 3, Nov. 2004, Australian Economic History Review.Li Tan, Market-Supporting Institutions, Gild Organisations, and the Industrial Revolution: a Comparative View Australian Economic History Review, Vol. 53, No. 3, Nov. 2013 Kuran, Timur  HYPERLINK "http://econ.duke.edu/uploads/assets/People/Kuran/corporation.pdf" The Absence of the Corporation in Islamic Law: Origins and Persistence." American Journal of Comparative Law, 53 (July 2005): 785-834.M. Olson,, Dictatorship, Democracy, and Development American Political Science Review vol. 87, No. 3 Sept. 1993, pp. 567-576.Lecture topic 4: T. Sargent & F. 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HYPERLINK "http://mauricio.econ.ubc.ca/pdfs/Resource_curse_final.pdf" http://mauricio.econ.ubc.ca/pdfs/Resource_curse_final.pdfLecture Topic 5:Brandt, Loren, Debin Ma and Thomas Rawski From Divergence to Convergence: Re-evaluating the History behind China's Economic Boom Journal of Economic Literature 2014, 52(1), 45123. Debin Ma,  HYPERLINK "http://personal.lse.ac.uk/mad1/ma_pdf_files/political%20institutions%20CEPR-DP8791.pdf" Political Institution and Long Run Economic Trajectory: Some Lessons from Two Millennia of Chinese Civilization Chapter 4 in Aoki, Kuran and Roland (eds.) Institutions and Comparative Economic Development. Palgrave Macmillan 2012, pp. 78-96. See  CEPR Discussion paper DP8791 HYPERLINK "http://personal.lse.ac.uk/mad1/ma_pdf_files/political%20institutions%20CEPR-DP8791.pdf" http://personal.lse.ac.uk/mad1/ma_pdf_files/political%20institutions%20CEPR-DP8791.pdfDebin Ma Economic Growth in the Lower Yangzi Region of China in 19111937: A Quantitative and Historical Analysis The Journal of Economic History, Vol. 68, Issue 2, June 2pt   ƶudN:'hzSh/!5CJaJmH nHsH tH*hzSh/!5CJH*aJmH nHsH tH!hzS5CJaJmH nHsH tH!hmuU5CJaJmH nHsH tHh*hm5CJaJmH sH h*h)%5CJaJmH sH h*h_%5CJaJmH sH h*hm5CJaJnHtHh*hmCJaJnHtHh9\Dh9\DCJaJnHo(tHh9\DCJaJhYvCJaJh*h)%CJaJt    j k   8:\gdLgdW8gdAYgddgd 9$@&gd 9$a$gd_%gdkgd_%     0 4 H     / 0 dzqbbbT@2hrCJPJaJmH sH &hrhr5>*CJPJaJmH sH h 9CJPJaJmH sH hmuUCJPJ\aJmH sH hq3CJPJ\aJmH sH h+}CJPJ\aJmH sH #h*h 9CJPJ\aJmH sH #h*h 95CJPJaJmH sH &h*h 95>*CJPJaJmH sH h*h_%5CJaJmH sH 'hzSh+}5CJaJmH nHsH tH'hzShk5CJaJmH nHsH tH0 1 H P h i j k y оаrdSBSBSB hzSh(lCJPJaJmH sH  hzSh+}CJPJaJmH sH h+}CJPJaJmH sH h/!CJPJaJmH sH hdCJPJaJmH sH &htLhtL5>*CJPJaJmH sH htLCJPJaJmH sH h pCJPJaJmH sH #hzSh@*BCJPJaJmH o(sH  hzSh@*BCJPJaJmH sH  hzShCJPJaJmH sH hCJPJaJmH sH        % ˽nYYG6 h*h 9CJPJaJmH sH #h*h 9>*CJPJaJmH sH )h*h 95>*CJPJ\aJmH sH  h*hg%CJPJaJmH sH  ht wht wCJPJaJmH sH  ht whJCJPJaJmH sH hJCJPJaJmH sH hdCJPJaJmH sH h+}CJPJaJmH sH  hzSh/!CJPJaJmH sH  hzSh(lCJPJaJmH sH #hzSh(lCJPJaJmH o(sH %   : < C D 6EHKy()*EFޱr_L$h*h 9CJaJmH nHsH tH$h*h5\CJaJmH nHsH tH$hL5>*CJaJmH nHsH tH*h*hW85>*CJaJmH nHsH tH*h*h 95>*CJaJmH nHsH tH h*h 9CJPJaJmH sH h pCJPJaJmH sH hLCJPJaJmH sH  h*h5\CJPJaJmH sH  h*hnCJPJaJmH sH FNOUc𷧗weQ??w,,$hzShJCJaJmH nHsH tH#hzSh Y5CJPJaJmH sH &hzShJ5CJH*PJaJmH sH #hzShzS5CJPJaJmH sH #hzShJ5CJPJaJmH sH hJCJPJaJmH sH hJCJaJmH nHsH tHhmuUCJaJmH nHsH tH$h*h*CJaJmH nHsH tH$h*h 9CJaJmH nHsH tH$h*h5\CJaJmH nHsH tHhLCJaJmH nHsH tH.D~y$8:нtddUUC"h*h 95>*CJaJnHtHh*h 9CJaJnHtHhmuUCJaJmH nHsH tH$h*hW8CJaJmH nHsH tHh pCJaJmH nHsH tH$h*h 9CJaJmH nHsH tH$h*h5\CJaJmH nHsH tH$h*h*CJaJmH nHsH tHh@*BCJPJaJmH sH  hzSh@*BCJPJaJmH sH  hzShmuUCJPJaJmH sH :VXZ\d,-34?@EFMNO^_h꾷||||slsfWh]h*5PJ\wh ho PJhYPJ\h*h*PJhYvPJ\h-ePJ\h*hR@PJhR@h*PJhR@PJ\h*hVPJ\h*h*PJ\h*PJ\*h ph 95>*CJaJmH nHsH tH*h ph p5>*CJaJmH nHsH tH*h ph*CJaJmH nHsH tH \OOP()$gdD$& p@ P v!gdR@$gdR@$$& p@ P v!a$gd1"Z$& p@ P v!gd; $ & Fdgd*Sk!NOö{{reWerGGerh]hR@6PJ]mH sH h]hR@H*PJmH sH h]hR@PJmH sH h]hR@PJh]hJ PJh]h!]nHtHh]h!6nHtHh]h!nHtH h]h!h]h!\h]hR@PJ\wh"h]ho 56>*PJ\whho 5>*PJ\whh]ho 5PJ\whh]hYv5PJ\whOP()4Q8:Nf*89JȻu҂h҂V"h]hJ 56>*PJ\whh]hR@PJmHsHh]hR@PJmH sH h]hR@PJh]h!>*PJ\whh/>*PJ\whh/6PJmH sH h/PJmH sH h/h/PJmH sH hlNPJmH sH h]hR@6PJ]mH sH h]hR@PJmH sH h]hR@5>*PJ\wh!889KLNOQddgdR@gdJ $& p@ P v!1$@&gdR@gdR@& p@ P v!gdR@$ddgdR@$& p@ P v!gdR@JKLWX4NOƷƏttt\D\D/h]hlNB*CJPJaJnHphtHwh/h]hJ B*CJPJaJnHphtHwh5h]hR@6B*CJPJ]aJnHphtHwh8jh]hR@B*CJPJUaJnHphtHwhh]hR@CJaJjh]hR@CJUaJ/h]hR@B*CJPJaJnHphtHwhh]hJ 5>*PJ\wh"h]hR@56>*PJ\wh'PQRgh第u]B5h]hJ 6B*CJPJ]aJnHphtHwh/h]h]B*CJPJaJnHphtHwhh]h]>*PJ\whh]hR@PJ\wh5h]hR@6B*CJPJ]aJnHphtHwh/h]hR@B*CJPJaJnHphtHwhh]hlNCJaJ/h]hlNB*CJPJaJnHphtHwh/h]hJ B*CJPJaJnHphtHwhQRghopq $$& p@ P v!1$@&gd/$$& p@ P v!1$@&gdR@$& p@ P v!1$@&gd!$a$gdJ $& p@ P v!gd;,-/Jopquh[K[K[>h]ho PJmH sH h]hR@6PJ]mH sH h]hR@PJmH sH h]hJ PJ\wh"h]hJ 56>*PJ\whh]ho PJ\wh5h]h!6B*CJPJ]aJnHphtHwh7h]h!B*CJPJaJmH nHphsH tHwh7h]h!B*CJPJaJmHnHphsHtHwh/h]h!B*CJPJaJnHphtHwh H m ~  ! 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Ruixue Jia, The Legacies of Forced Freedom: Chinas Treaty Port in The Review of Economics and Statistics, October 2014, 96(4): 596608. Peter Zeitz Do Local Institutions Affect All Foreign Investors in the Same Way? Evidence from the Interwar Chinese Textile Industry  HYPERLINK "http://journals.cambridge.org/action/displayJournal?jid=JEH" The Journal of Economic History/ Volume 73 / Issue 01 / March 2013, pp 117-141. PAGE PAGE 3tttvtttttuu/uMuNuOu[u\uuuuvv vɾשuh_R_G@@G h]hJ jh]hJ Uh]hJ PJmH sH h]hJ PJh]hJ PJmHsHh!h!CJaJnHtH"h!h!6CJ]aJnHtH$h!h!CJaJmH nHsH tH)h]fh/HB*CJPJaJmH phsH h]fh]fQJ^Jh]fh]f6PJQJ^Jh]fh]fPJQJ^J h]fh]fPJQJ^JmH sH h]h!PJ\ v?v@vAvrvsvtvuvvvwvxvyvzv{v|v}v~vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvŸŤ~x~xttf]fNfhrH0J5CJmHnHuh]g0J5CJjh]g0J5CJUh]g h]g0Jjh]g0JUhJjhJUh*CJOJPJQJ^JaJ'hJ hJ CJOJPJQJ\^JaJh]hJ PJmH sH h]hJ PJ5jh]hJ 0J.CJOJQJU^JaJmH sH ,h]hJ 0J.CJOJQJ^JaJmH sH ~vvvvvvvvvvv$& p@ P v!gd;&`#$ vvvvvvh*CJOJPJQJ^JaJhJh]gh]g0J5CJ5 0P. 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