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5 Times When You Need a Whitby Landscaping Contractor

whitby landscaping contractor busy trimming hedgesMost homeowners want to create better looking yards and lawns but don’t really know how to go about it. There’s a lot more to landscape designs than just cutting the grass or trimming hedges and trees. If you’ve been thinking about hiring a Whitby landscaping contractor here are five times when you definitely should hire a professional landscaper to transform your yard:

When You Don’t Have Time For Upkeep

If you want to keep your yard looking great all summer but you don’t have the time for regular mowing, weeding, trimming and other yard work necessary to keep your yard looking green and lush hiring a professional landscaper is the best choice. You will get the beautiful yard that you want and you can enjoy it all summer without having to worry about doing yardwork after a long day at work. Professional landscaping is a lot more affordable than most people think, and hiring professionals is necessary when having to do tasks like remove a tree stump.

When You Want To Raise Your Property Value

If you are thinking about selling your home or if you just want to raise the value of your property hiring a professional landscaper is a smart idea. That way you will be sure that your house isn’t the house in the neighborhood with an overgrown, patchy, or otherwise ugly lawn and yard.

When You Want More Living Space

If you want to increase the available living space in your home creating indoor/outdoor living areas like an outdoor kitchen, a dining or seating area, or a fire pit area is a great way to do that. A professional landscaper can work with you to design beautiful and functional outdoor areas that will enhance your quality of living and give you more living space to enjoy your home and yard.

When You Want Water Features or Other Complicated Design Elements

Adding water features, lighting, and other complicated design elements are best left to a professional. Some things in your yard you can probably do by yourself but when you want to add fountains, creeks, koi ponds or other elements that require electric wiring it’s always best to get the advice of a professional.

When You Want a Beautiful Yard But Don’t Know How To Get It

If you have always wanted a yard that looks like it belongs in a magazine but you have no idea what plants to use or how to lay out a functional and beautiful yard talk to a landscape professional. A professional will know the best plants to use for your area and how to create the yard that you’ve been dreaming of. If you’re in the area, a professional Whitby landscaping contractor is more than capable of handling your needs.




Why People Flock to a Local Toronto Paint Store

When people want to start painting, they often head to the big box store for supplies. By doing this, they skip all the great benefits that come with visiting a local paint store. People are flocking to their local shop to save themselves time and money. We spoke with Peter, from local Toronto paint store Primetime Paint & Paper, and he explained some of the reasons that customers shop there instead of the nearby big box paint retailers. Here’s how going local can make your next painting project pop.

benjamin moore sign in local toronto paint store

Quality supplies can be difficult to find. While many people think that paint hasn’t really changed in the past decade, this couldn’t be further from the truth. A combination of new regulations and new technologies have driven painting into the 21st century, including new paints that last longer and are better for the environment. When you choose a local paint supply store, you’ll have access to the best and most popular products that take full advantage of all the technological leaps that paint and painting supplies have taken in the past few years.

Expert advice isn’t always accessible at big box stores. It isn’t simply quality products that make a local paint store your ideal place to get painting supplies. Those quality products can also come with quality advice. Many of the big box stores that sell paint and painting supplies aren’t necessarily experts in painting, they’re simply a body filling a station. Local paint stores, however, employ people who know paint, whether that’s as an experienced painter, decorator, or interior designer. You’ll get advice on the best way to go about your project, including recommendations on the supplies and type of paint you’ll need to make your project a reality.

Sometimes you just want a personal touch. When you walk into a local paint store, you’ll get personalized service from people who want your next painting project to be the best it can be. They’ll take the time to listen to what you envision for your project and walk you through the best way to realize your dreams. This can include walking you through the best painting techniques for your project and suggestions on what colour schemes will look best.

For your next painting project, you need expert advice, quality products, and someone who cares about your vision. And while you can buy paint at many different places, only a Toronto paint store can give you all of these and so much more.


3 Benefits Of A Toronto Eavestrough Cleaning Company

Keeping eavestroughs clean is an important aspect of property management. Without the regular cleaning and maintenance of your eavestroughs, you’ll be left with a myriad of issues that can end up severely damaging your buildings structural integrity. That is why, in Toronto, eavestrough cleaning needs to be done by professionals. Here are just a few things that can go wrong if you don’t have professionals clean your eavestroughs.

toronto eavestrough cleaning company working on home

1. Injury
The very first thing that can go wrong with eavestrough cleaning is endangerment to yourself. Cleaning eavestroughs is tricky and precarious work, one that requires the proper tools to ensure that the job is done properly and that the person doing the work is safe at all times. Most regular people simply do not have the tools necessary to do this kind of work, which is why they need professionals who can do the job quickly and safely.

2. Foundational Damage
When your eavestroughs are full or messy, they don’t actually drain water away from your home. Instead, they let water drain almost anywhere, overfilling the gutters and running down the sides of your home. In cities like Toronto, where eavestroughs are dirtiest at the same time when the temperature fluctuates between freezing and not, this water can seep into your home, freeze, expand, and cause serious damage. Professional eavestrough cleaners can ensure that every gutter is working and draining properly so that you can avoid the kinds of damage that happen to homes when the gutters are improperly maintained.

3. Damage to the Roof
Toronto’s wet springs and autumns can wreak havoc on your home’s roof because mud can get trapped into your eavestroughs and weigh them down. Eavestroughs and gutters aren’t supposed to hold a lot of weight, so when they get filled with heavy materials, they can sag, warp, and even come off their mounts, causing damage to your home’s roof and exterior walls. Professional eavestrough cleaners can clean out your gutters and inspect them for any potential damage, fixing problems before they get any bigger.

If you need your gutters cleaned, be sure to call a professional Toronto eavestrough cleaning company. They have the skills and experience necessary to help you avoid the mistakes of trying to clean your gutters yourself.