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3 Reasons Businesses are Turning to Mural Painters

You’re walking down the street and pass a small business. In their window, you see something beautiful and captivating, a piece of art that you know you can’t buy, but you want to see up close. So you walk into the establishment and discover a business as well as a beautiful piece of art. Little did you know that the reason you’re in the store is because of mural painters.

business branding mural painted by professional mural painters

Mural painters, or muralists, create memorable pieces of art that businesses can use to drive traffic. Here are just three reasons why many businesses are commissioning muralists these talented artists to craft custom pieces for their business:

  • Set yourself apart from the competition
  • Help solidify your brand
  • Catch people’s attention

Now let’s talk a little more about the details.

Murals are unique. They’re hand-painted by professional muralists and, as a result, they are wholly distinct. When you commission a mural from a professional muralist, the end result will be something that hasn’t existed before and won’t ever again. So if you want to make yourself unique and separate your company from the rest of the pack, get a unique mural that is wholly yours and can never be completely copied.

Businesses these days need to stand out, but they also need to build a brand. Branding is multifaceted, including everything from your communications to your visual aesthetic, and the right mural, or set of murals, can help solidify your visual brand. When you work with a professional mural painter, you can work together to envision something that fits your business’ brand, and create a unique visual aesthetic that people will automatically associate with your company.

When you walk by a mural, you remember it. You may not even know that you do, but you can recall murals much easier than plain painted walls or blank windows. The human mind identifies more strongly with images than flat spreads of colour, and a mural is one of the best ways to catch people’s attention. Professional mural painters each have their own expertise, which is why they work directly with their clients to create beneficial art. That means they might create something captivating or something quirky and funny that gets people smiling and walking inside. Whatever the strategy, a mural is vastly superior to an unforgettable white wall.